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Views on the sports betting market and its development

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Commentary: Expanded NCAA Tournament Field Has Some Benefits

Bill Ordine
On the American sports landscape, the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament has evolved into arguably the most popular serial event on the sports calendar. Unquestionably, the NFL’s Super Bowl is the most popular single event. And yes, that game is the culmination of a serial phenomenon known as the NFL......
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Outside the Box: The Three Teams Worth Betting for Glory in the NBA Futures Market

US Betting Report
Now that the dust has settled following the Milwaukee Bucks victory over the Phoenix Suns, which brought Giannis Antetokounmpo and co lead their team to a first NBA crown in over 50 years, it’s a good time to consider what next season’s title race has in store. There’s been a......
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What do U.S. Bettors Really Want? 7 Key Findings From New Sports Betting Survey

Manuel Martinez
In April this year, HPL Digital Sport surveyed American sports bettors to understand what matters to them and to learn more about what U.S. sportsbooks ought to be doing to provide a better betting experience for their users. The study was conducted by YouGov and included 822 sports bettors in......
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Florida Gaming Compact: Three Legal Issues to Resolve Before Sports Betting Becomes Reality

Manuel Martinez
Photo credit: Lance Asper via unsplash.com Sports bettors in Florida become hopeful when a new gaming compact was signed between the Seminole Indian Tribe and the state of Florida on Friday. Following this announcement, a special session was set that will commence May 17 in order to discuss the compact......
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With Canada Sports Betting on the horizon, what about Casino? What options do Canadians have in 2021

Manuel Martinez
The recent Canadian sports betting bills have made many excited about the prospect of a regulated sports betting market in our neighboring country. Until that’s became a reality, however, our readers have asked about casino games are available and what gambling options players have today. In turns out that online......