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Interviews with thought leaders in the sports betting industry

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Which States Will Legalize Sports Betting in 2021? Predictions from 9 Industry Pros

US Betting Report
2020 wasn’t a great year, as we all know, but despite all that happened during the last 12 months, we did see a few more states introduce sports betting throughout the year. We were especially excited about online betting in Tennessee and Illinois. For all updates, make sure to check......
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Lloyd Danzig: “Betting apps surge is reflective of unmet consumer needs”

US Betting Report
What better way to start the new year than chatting about sports betting with one of the industry’s leading investors, Lloyd Danzig? Lloyd is the Founder of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a firm that focuses on sports betting startups, venture capital, M&A, and technology. You may have seen this graph below......

U.S. Integrity President: “Integrity & Data Sharing is critical to the regulated sports betting mission”

US Betting Report
This week we had the opportunity to connect with Matthew Holt who is President of U.S. Integrity, a sports betting analytics company that monitors unethical or illegal betting-related activity. U.S. Integrity also partners with Ohio University where they offer a three-part legal sports gambling awareness program called SGE. We asked......
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John Pappas: “I’m Impressed by the sports betting industry during COVID-19”

US Betting Report
How is COVID-19 affecting the sports betting industry and how will the industry recover once this is over? USBR.com had the chance to ask John Pappas of Corridor Consulting what his thoughts are on the current state of American sports betting and what the future holds sports wagering in the......