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John Pappas: “I’m Impressed by the sports betting industry during COVID-19”

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How is COVID-19 affecting the sports betting industry and how will the industry recover once this is over? had the chance to ask John Pappas of Corridor Consulting what his thoughts are on the current state of American sports betting and what the future holds sports wagering in the......
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Bookit Sports CEO: “We want to simplify the methods of sports betting”

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we keep focusing on what’s up ahead and look forward to when major league sports betting is up and running again. Meanwhile, we are connecting with important companies in the industry, companies that will make the return to sports betting fun and exciting. ......
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HPLDS CEO Ed Moed: “Imagine doing research and place bets in one platform!”

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This week got introduced to Hot Paper Lantern Digital Sports (HPLDS), a group focused on sports betting and fantasy sports customer acquisition and engagement. In addition to providing services to companies operating with this niche, HPLDS conduct research in the field and are interested in understanding the motivation, habits......
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Opportunities Abound As Sports Betting Hits The Mainstream

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This week we had the privilege to speak with DataArt’s Russell Karp about engaging public into sports betting and getting bettors away from offshore sites. Russell Karp leads strategic and business development at DataArt’s Media and Entertainment Practice. In his 20+ years of technology and business consulting, Russell has spent......

PointsBet’s Erin Dolan: “Sports have the ability to bring people together”

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Erin is the global face of online sportsbook PointsBet and the host of PointsBet’s own “NFL Pick 6” and “Behind the Lines” shows. She is also featured on VSiN’s “Betting Across America” and the “Public Pulse” which includes man-on-the-street interviews. Originally from Philadelphia, Erin is an experienced sport journalist and......