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Simplebet’s Joey Levy: “The Future of U.S. Sports Betting is In-Play & Micro Betting”

Manuel Martinez
Earlier this month Software company Simplebet announced an additional $15M raised in their latest round of funding, bringing their current total investment to $50M. Following the news, Co-Founder Joey Levy said that the capital will help the company speed up development of their micro betting technology and product. Levy previously......
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Fansure and Sportradar Announce Strategic Partnership

Manuel Martinez
On Wednesday this week, Fansure Founder and CEO Vijay Shravah announced that Fansure has entered a strategic partnership with Sportradar. Once we heard this exciting news, we connected with Co-founder & VP of Product, Jordan Pascasio, who answered a few quick questions about Fansure, how the company started and their......