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About USBettingReport.com

US Betting Report

USBettingReport.com was founded by this guy in October 2018 with the aim of becoming one of the go-to online publications for news around U.S. sports betting business and regulation. Our stories have been featured on fool.com, nasdaq.com, thesportsdaily.com, and in law journals such as the Illinois Business Law Journal.

Learn more about regulated online sports betting in the U.S., about the betting options bettors have in the states where betting is legal, and, if you are new to sports wagering, we also put together this sports betting guide. Additionally, to be able to cater for users in each legal state, we use ipinfo.io to ensure our visitors get the most relevant content for them, depending on where they are.

USBettingReport.com is owned and managed by Delaware registered company USBR LLC, and we are licensed to promote sportsbooks that operate in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. To get in touch, drop us a note at editor at usbettingreport dot com or follow us on Twitter.

Editorial Staff

Ryan Knuppel

Ryan has been writing sports betting content for over 15 years now and has published well over 1,500 articles in this niche. He follows every move in the United States legal & industry news space. On top of industry news, Ryan enjoys writing sports betting strategy, game previews, opinion pieces, hosting podcasts, and more!

Tyler VaysmanTyler Vaysman

Tyles has a true passion for sports, DFS & sports betting in particular. Combine his love for sports with his journalistic background and you have a great guy to cover the latest industry news. He also enjoys disc golf, fishing and traveling in his free time.

Hasan N. HeadshotHasan Nabulsi

Hasan is a Florida-based writer who has been writing on all topics related to the sports betting industry since receiving his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida State University. Hasan specializes in U.S. sports betting legislation, having worked in government and conducted interviews with state lawmakers.

Ayden Fahlstrom

Ayden loves sports. There is no doubt about that. He is a walking calendar when it comes to the latest events in sports. He has grown into the passion of writing about them and settled into his role as a writer after many freelancing jobs. He can write about any sport out there! This is the guy!

Cole Paganelli

Cole is really big into Major League Baseball, but really – the big four Pro US sports are his passion. Cole grew up a Yankees fan but married a Red Sox fan. It’s tough around the house during those big games, but his hatred for the Red Sox has waned a little. Cole has a goal of seeing every Major League Baseball Stadium before the end of 2022!

Zachary KastelicZachary Kastelic

Zach is an attorney in Kansas City and currently enrolled in the University of New Hampshire School of Law’s Sports Wagering & Integrity Certificate Program. Prior to practicing law, Zach was able to gain sports industry experience with the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Mavericks, and Corpus Christi Hooks. Zach is a 2016 graduate of UMKC School of Law and was a former collegiate golfer at Ottawa University—Go Braves!

Robert ColesRobert Coles

Robert’s working to help fellow casual bettors find an edge and become more engaged with betting trends and picks. Whether it be NFL, NBA or MLB, he hopes to use his experience as a baseball writer to take an analytical approach to handicapping while at the same time aggregating as many ‘expert’ opinions and picks as possible to come to his own conclusions. Robert hopes to connect with like-minded casual bettors through his work and to maybe help them make a little extra walking around money along the way.

Griffin Carroll

Griffin’s working to find betting value where others may not. With a main focus on the NFL and NBA, consider Griffin your go-to resource for analytical breakdowns. From offensive/defensive line matchups to NBA over/unders, @griffybets has you covered.

Jonathan SmithJonathan Smith

Jonathan has over 25 years’ experience in the sports betting industry, as a senior odds compiler at a number of high-profile fixed odds and spread betting firms in the UK.

He is the architect of numerous bespoke internal training schemes for sportsbooks around the world, delivers training both online and in-person and also builds bespoke trading tools for clients to complement their sportsbook operations.